viernes, 12 de octubre de 2012

En Rusia, los viandantes te atropellan a ti.

Y esta es la razón por las que hay tantos vídeos desde el salpicadero de los coches rusos: timadores que buscan que tu seguro (o tu) les pagues unos días de baja, un móvil o un portátil nuevos. ¿Por qué? Las leyes rusas favorecen al atropellado, aunque sea de culpa de este, con cuantiosas compensaciones.

Lo comentarios traducidos (al inglés) serian mas o menos:
 00:17 Bloke wearing a hoody is calmly approaching the Zebra. What could go wrong? Hands ahead, he traps just under the wheels. On purpose or not? Wouldn't do any good to him
00:28 This girl is going to run like mad out of obscuring auto. When she sees there's no profit, stops and calmly walks off.
 00:40 Now the cases with 100% on purpose "wheel diving". Not clear if set-up or just suicidal. 00:55 Man lurks for a right bus to dive into, spends quite some time
01:18 A group of teenagers is crossing the Zebra as usual. Suddenly one of them takes a dive. 01:54 Now the cases, proved to be real set-ups.
02:00 "Witness" wrecks the mirror, "Victim" drops a phone, van obscures the view. 02:20 "Victim" with an expensive laptop
02:30 Just the BMW he needs
03:10 "Witness" man, the "victim" with iPhone 4 and a lorry to make them unnoticeable. 03:15 Sound of a hit mirror. Same script: broken phone, damaged arm.
 03:35 "Road police" and the "witness" car get on scene in less than 10 seconds. 03:48 After seeing the dashcam, they pack up and drive away.
03:52 One of them even managed to be recorded twice
04:25 Classic scheme is to demand compensations for broken laptop or phone, damaged arm, "to pay the doctor", incapacity for work during an important meeting.
04:35 By law you HAVE TO always call the road police, whether it was a set-up or not. Even if the pedestrian says, that they're okay or if they walk away leaving an acknowledgment note.

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